My Latest Fix | Blue Floral Blouse

As a busy mom, who finds it hard to find time to shop without an impatient 6 year old hiding between clothing racks I was excited to give Stitch Fix a try. My first fix was several months ago and focused on new work worthy items, like a great blazer and the best work leggings ever created- I kept every item. Fast forward to February, I decided to give it another go since I had received a credit for free styling. Everything in the box was so cute, but I forced myself to be super picky since the shoes I received were a bit small for me.  Since I knew I had to send them back and wouldn't be receiving the discount for keeping all the items I only kept this blouse.

It was love at first sight- the color, the print, the material. I believe the designer created this blouse just for me, and it was under $50 before tax. 

Soon, I will schedule another fix and I will photograph and review each item here on the blog. If you haven't given Stitch Fix a try I highly recommend you do. It is a great way to add key pieces to your wardrobe that you may not be inclined to try on in a store. Plus, it's super fun to have surprise clothing items handpicked and delivered straight to your door! 

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