Mini Vacation Round Up | Myrtle Beach, SC

Today I wanted to share a few snapshots from our little mini vacation to Myrtle Beach last week. This trip was by no means glamorous or full of exciting outings and great outfits. In all honestly, we were hanging out at the campground by the ocean or pool in our swimsuits pretty much the entire time and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

As a single mom vacations can be hard to come by. First you have to save the money to afford to take your child somewhere and then somehow you have to manage to feel safe taking the love of your life to a new place, many times without any back up. The latter is something I struggle with, I love experiencing new places and things with my son but often worry about how I would keep him safe in the world today. So I cannot express my gratitude enough for my amazing friends who made this little impromptu beach trip possible.

You won’t see me in many of these photos, because, I’m mom, the holder of the camera and capturer of moments that one day my brain may erase. I did manage to get in one photo below- one I have deleted and reloaded more times than I would like to admit. I do not now nor have I ever had the body of a model- but I’m working on being a better, healthier version of myself for my happiness and for the benefit of my son and no matter how many people are on the beach or by the pool with us, the one thing my son will not remember is my mom pouch or my jiggly thighs. So for now I will post it, just try not to judge me for using my 6 year old son as a human shield.


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In case you couldn’t tell, he had a blast. As a mom of course we all hope and pray for the opportunity to relax on vacation, but the truth is that vacations are all about our littles. So seeing those smiles and hearing their laughter makes all the hard work to get there worthwhile- even if you don’t get to enjoy too much relaxation.

and now for Raidyn’s favorite part of any trip we take (please sense the sarcasm) the mini photo shoot! This is the price my adorable son pays for being blessed with a photographer as a mom! He’s learned to work the system and knows that cooperation will always lead to a prize!  If you love this little outfit as much as we do you can shop it below!

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Raidyn’s actual favorite part of this trip was catching crabs! It’s certainly not something that is typically on our vacation agenda, but he loved it and the excitement on his face when he pulled in a net full of crabs might just be worth becoming amateur crabbers. Don’t worry all crabs were promptly released back into their natural habitat.  

Our big vacation is coming up in August and this little trip has us so excited to get back to the beach! If you followed along with us via Insta Stories last week thank you! If not- you should. We would love to have you follow along with us! 
Moms.  I would love to hear about your favorite vacations. Where do you like to go and what are your kiddo's favorite things to do? 

As always, Thanks for stopping by! 

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