The Power of Basics in Your Wardrobe + FREE Wardrobe Basics Checklist

There’s nothing worse than waking up late and feeling like you have nothing to wear. Basics can be the solution to this problem. When you build your closet around basic items that can be work year round and with just about anything you will always have something to wear. Now, they may not be the most exciting pieces to shop for but they will be in your closest longer than the season’s trends. So for that reason I feel like these are the items you should consider investing in.

How Basics Help Complete Your Closet

Naturally, your basics are going to be versatile pieces that pair well with anything. They are perfect for adding balance to those statement pieces in your wardrobe. After all, you don’t want your top competing with your new statement necklace.

What makes a basic so great? They are easily dressed up or down. Adding accessories can easily take them from day to night. They make packing and traveling much easier, and my personal favorite- people won’t notice that you’re wearing the same item over and over unlike the bolder trendier pieces in your wardrobe.

Why Investing in Basics is a Good Idea

It’s always tempting to splurge on the new trendy pieces, but we never know if something will take it’s place next season. Those pricey trendy items may only be present in our closet for one season. So, if you’re going to invest in your wardrobe why not spend money on items that are going to be with you longer. A good basic will go with your from season to season, getting more wear- so it makes sense to spend more money on these items to ensure you are adding high quality basics that will last. Unlike the newest trends- basics never go out of style. So you won’t have to deal with buyer’s remorse.

Obviously everyone has a different style and their wardrobe needs to serve a different purpose. If you aren’t a busy working mom, then you may not be in need of basics that transition easily from office to the ball field like me. Knowing what you need out of your clothing is the first step in finding great basics.

Here’s what I consider the top basic items in my wardrobe!


1. Tank Top
Tanks are great because you can wear them alone with jeans or shorts, under a sheer top or cardigan or throw one on under your blazer for work.

2. White Tee
Ladies, if we're all being honest we have all experienced the excitement of finding the perfect white tee- the ultimate wardrobe basic and my personal fave!!

3. Black Tee
The White Tee's little sister, everyone needs a great black tee- dress it up or down. It's the perfect piece for day or night! 

4. Blouse
Every wardrobe needs a nice blouse, perfect for an important meeting or to wear to church. Dress it up with black pants or a skirt or dress it down with jeans. I use my blouse purchases as a way to incorporate some color into my wardrobe as well. 

5. Black Pants/Leggings
We can put black pants and leggings in the same category right? Well, in my world leggings are pants (the best kind actually) 

6. Jeans
It's no secret that jeans are amazing! When it comes to wardrobe basics they are essential. For me, I think it is essential to have at least two pair you love- a great pair of distressed denim and a pair without holes! 

7. Black Blazer
Adding a blazer to any outfit makes it instantly appear more professional! It's a must have for any career woman! 

8. Slip On Sandals
Everyone needs a great pair of sandals for warm weather! 

9. Boots/Booties
I have a bit of a boot obsession (it's a slight problem) but every gal needs a great pair of boots/booties! Booties transition well from season to season and both look great with just about anything.

10. Comfy Heels/Wedges
We all know the value of a comfortable pair of heels. I prefer block heels and wedges as I am not much of a pumps girl! Heels do not tranisiton well to mom duty! 

11. Sneakers
Sneakers are perfect for creating a casual look, plus you kind of need them to work out! 

12. Cardigan
Cardigans are a necessity year round. Even if you live in an area where summers are HOT, cardigans are perfect for carrying into restaurants or the movies where you know the temperature change will inevitably leave you freezing.

13. Jacket
You may think that you only need a jacket through early spring, but I keep mine out throughout the year because of the reasons I mentioned above for the cardigans. I freeze at work and when we go out to eat- keeping a light jacket around is the perfect remedy.

14. Little Black Dress
There are so many options out there for little black dresses, but when I am on the hunt for a basic LDB option I look for something that would transition well. I want something I could wear out with the girls, to work and to karate.

15. A Great Handbag
Easily on of the most important of all basics, a great basic handbag has the power to make your outfit amazing! 

Here are a few ways that you ladies have seen me wear some of my basics! 

Are you happy with your current wardrobe?
I've created a free and simple wardrobe basics checklist for you so that you can make sure you always have something to wear. This tool will help you think through your wardrobe and encourage you to make educated purchases. All you need to do is fill it out as you think about the color you want, the amount you are willing to spend and what you can pair it with.

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