What is Le Tote and Why I Love it So Much!

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Ladies!! Can I talk to you about a subscription styling service that I am OBSESSED with!! If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of the amazing pieces I have had the opportunity to temporarily add to my wardrobe and have heard me rave about Le Tote!!
If you're wondering what the heck Le Tote is, let me shed some light on this revolutionary wardrobe rental service! 

Le Tote

How Le Tote works:
Step 1. Select the styles you love by adding them to your closet! This step is super easy and much like shopping or scouring Pinterest. You will look through the items they have to offer and click the heart icon on the ones that suit your style. 
Once you finish the sign up process your stylist will add items to your first Tote for you to view- then comes my favorite part of the service: you can then choose to keep or swap out each of these items based on what is in stock in your size. This means you can pick each and every item you receive! No surprises! 
Step 2. Once your Tote arrives, you can wear everything you get- as many times as you like! 
Step 3. If you love something- keep it! The best part about that is that when you purchase an item from Le Tote you get to pay a discounted Member's price. 
Step 4.  Return the rest. Just ship the rest back for Free and get ready for next tote. All but one plan allows for multiple Totes monthly!

You will also notice that Le Tote doesn't just ask for your basic sizes, they want to know your measurements. Each piece of clothing is measured for the perfect fit! No more guessing on fit!  

You can see all of the items I have received from Le Tote here and I will continue adding things here as I rent them! 

Now on to Why I LOVE Le Tote

In all honesty I haven't found anything that I don't love about Le Tote (and no, I'm not getting paid to say this!) 
1. I love that they hand measure each item of clothing for a perfect fit. This takes a lot of the guess work out of picking the perfect size, and every item I've gotten at this point has fit me pretty great. I've actually looked at a few dresses and Le Tote warned me that they may be too short! 
2. I beyond love getting to pick out the items that will be included in my Tote. Surprises are fun, but when it comes to clothing and spending money I really enjoy knowing that I am going to like the style of the items I'm spending my money to receive! 
3. I like that there are different package options- currently I am on the Unlimited Classic Box which allows me to select 3 garments and 2 accessories multiple times a month for $59 per month + $5 a month for insurance. The ability to get multiple boxes monthly was another thing that hooked me, it really makes that monthly fee worth it. I also really like that you can easlly push back your totes if you're not sesing anything you want to try or if you need to save for vacation. 

Now that you know how much I love Le Tote and why I have two special offers for you! 
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or you can save $25 off your first tote here
If you decide to try it I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thanks for stopping by!! 

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