KidBox Review | Raidyn's First KidBox

This boy of mine isn’t a fan of shopping, searching through racks of clothing and spending time in the dressing room is not his thing, but he’s been showing some interest in the boxes of clothing that magically show up at my door. He sees me try them on and decide whether or not I want to keep them, so I decided I would let him join in on the fun.

I’ve looked into a few kid’s subscription boxes in the past but decided not to try them out because the reviews said the prices were quite high. When I began researching KidBox I was intrigued that the box was sent for free (no styling fee like with most others) and that the entire box could be yours for only $98 (a fraction of what others seemed to run) Plus with every full KIDBOX purchased, a new clothing item is given to a child who really needs it through a charity of your choice (how great is that!)

KidBox Review

When we first opened our box we saw this cute little personalized pamphlet. KidBox also included some fun stickers, a coloring page, crayons and Raidyn's favorite part goodies wrapped into a little ball! Unwrapping these surprises made the unboxing process so much more fun for this six year old! 

KidBox Review

What Raidyn received:

Alright mom's, now for our favorite part- seeing what the box holds! 
Up first, the first item that jumped out at us was this adorable Polo tee, I love the color combination and I knew Raidyn would love it because green is his favorite color! I expected this top to be around $30, so I was pleasantly surprised that the KidBox price was only $13! 

Verdict- I knew I would be keeping this as soon as I opened it! 

One item I wasn't thrilled with when we first opened our KidBox was this Losan graphic tee. I had never heard of this brand, but the quality seemed great. I loved the pattern, Raidyn loves sharks, but I wasn't a big fan of the huge quote printed on the front. However, when I tried it on him he loved it and asked if we could keep it. 

Verdict- Even after Raidyn asked to keep it I wasn't 100% on board- the KidBox price on this top was $28 (still quite high in my book) but when you purchase the whole box you get a much better deal, so we kept it! 

Up next, my absolute favorite item from his KidBox and part of Raidyn's first day of school outfit. This Losan Denim shirt is the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen. As soon as I opened it I started envisioning picture day outfits and fall family photos with my little guy looking dapper in this top! Price wise it is a bit on the expensive side coming in at $35, but I loved it so much I didn't even care! 

Verdict- KEEP!!! Keep today, tomorrow and everyday!! Raiydn may just wear this every single day until he outgrows it! 

I only buy skinny leg jeans for my son, so when I saw these in the box I did not like them AT ALL! However, I tried them on him anyway and they looked so stinkin' cute that it made me like them. I did really like the color and material. These twill pants were from Andy + Evan and the KidBox price was $33. 

Verdict- We kept these simply because it made more sense financially to keep them. They did fit well and look super cute on my little guy. Fingers crossed he doesn't outgrow them before he actually needs pants. 

I was on the fence about this Frenchie Mini Couture shirt, the color is great for fall and I really liked the buttons and the Henley material. It is one of those items that looks much cuter on than on the hanger. This item was one of the lower priced items in Raidyn’s KidBox coming in at $18.

Verdict- We decided to Keep this shirt, once again because it makes much more sense to keep the whole box. With that being said, this shirt is very versatile and I know we will get a lot of use out it in the coming months! 

Now, onto Raidyn’s favorite pieces from his first KidBox. I knew he would love this outfit as soon as I saw it, but I was hesitant to put it on him because the KidBox price for this Puma short and shirt set was still $31. Of course, I tried it on him to snap these pics and as I guessed- he loved it!

Verdict- Raidyn would wear active wear daily if I would let him, so once I did the math I decided to go ahead and keep this outfit for him!

Last up, our 7th item. These Puma shorts were another item I was hesitant to try on. I knew they would be a favorite item for Raidyn but I really didn’t want to pay the $18 KidBox price for them.

Verdict- We kept these as well as the other 6 items, now we just have to find a shirt to match! 

Why I kept the whole box!
When I first opened Raidyn’s KidBox, I intended to only keep two items, the Polo tee and the Losan Denim shirt. If I had stuck with this plan I would have spent $48 on two items. I was prepared to do that because I was in love with the denim shirt, but once I tried the other items on and heard Raidyn’s thoughts I started thinking and doing math.

The KidBox Prices are as follows:
Polo Tee $13 (retails for $18)
Losan Graphic Tee $28 (retails for $39)
Losan Denim Shirt $35 (retails for $50)
Andy+Evan Twill Pants $33 (retails for $44)
Frenchie Mini Couture Henley $18 (retails for $25)
Puma 2 Piece Set $31 (retails for $42)
Puma Shorts $18 (retails for $24)
At the KidBox Price the total for all 7 items would have been: $176
However, as I mentioned above, when you keep the whole box you get it for only $98! That means you pay roughly $14 for each item in your box.
When I signed up I had a 10% off coupon so I was able to keep Raidyn's first KidBox for only $88.20 or less than $13 per item! 

Now 10% is great, but Raidyn and I can do you one better- click any link in this post and order your first KidBox and save $25 when you check out!! That means you can get 7 items for your little guy or gal for only $73 or less than $11 per item! Talk about a great deal! I am already excited to see what my little man's next KidBox will hold! 

KidBox Review